2020 Hole Runner 150 Tiller Handle Poker Run Rules.
August 8th, 2020

This year we have switched gears to bring you the first ever Hole Runner 150 Poker Run!!! Everyone is welcome! All boats and motors are welcome! Show up, get your hand, win some door prizes, and above all else, HAVE FUN!!!!

  • The banquet is August 7th at the armory in Batesville AR! The race will be the following day, August 8th!
  • Boat entry is $30 dollars which will include a shirt or hat, a door prize ticket, and 1 hand of poker!The purpose of this event is to help raise money for veterans.
  • Every hand of poker will get you a door prize ticket!There will be door prizes and a raffle.  You MUST be present to win at the time of the drawing.
  • Each participant may have 2 hands of poker!
  • Any passengers may also participate in poker as well!
  • There will be 5 stops to get your cards. The boat launch, 2-4 stops will be on the river, and the 5th will be the take out!
  • The run will start at 9. We will be handing out cards at the Black Rock boat launch until 9! Then we will hand out cards at 10:30-11 at stop 1! Then 12:30-1 at stop 2! Then 2:30-3 at stop 3! And the final card will be given out at takeout at Dam 1 in Batesville AR!
  • Extra hands are $10 dollars if you purchase online, $15 if you get it at the launch, $20 at the 1st stop and $25 at the 2nd and 3rd stops on the river!
  • You may still participate in the run if you come to the 3rd stop on the river and get your hand! If you do not have your cards by the 3rd river stop, unfortunately you will not be able to participate at the final card drawing!
  • The top 3 hands will receive prizes at the final card draw!
  • There will be door prizes given out along the route of the Poker Run!
  • If you wish to sponsor or donate to The Hole Runner, please send an email to: admin@theholerunner150.com.  You will then be sent a sponsor/donation form.
  • All racers can register at www.theholerunner150.com or email admin@theholerunner150.com


  • All entries must have a working kill lanyard and an approved life vest.

Hope to see everyone at the first ever Hole Runner 150 POKER RUN!!!!!!